Before You Begin Your First RV Trip…

If you are a newbie RV Driver, it is important that you feel safe and confident while driving and parking your new home on wheels. We at Horseshoe Bend RV Campgrounds in Whitesboro, Texas, recommend taking an RV Driver Safety Course / RV School before you embark on your first adventure. After completing the class, you can soon begin practicing driving your rig in wide open areas and then taking on more challenging scenarios like heavy traffic, inclines, tight turns, and parking.

You will also need to practice leveling and stabilizing your coach before you unhook. This will prevent your coach from rolling, and keep you and your surroundings safe from injury and accidents. Things to keep on hand for leveling and stabilizing are: a level, a set or two of RV wheel chocks, and a set or two of leveling blocks.

After you become familiar with driving, pick a campground that is close to your home and spend a night or two. We advise that you make a Checklist and then test all systems and pack your RV before embarking on your First RV Trip. Since you will be camping so close to home for the first time, if you forget anything you will be able to go back and get it easily.

Always take your time and double check everything when preparing for your Big Adventures. Have a great First RV Trip!


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